How do you find the lot numbers on your Volans bottle?

Easy, it’s on the bottom. There is a black stamp printed on the lower part of the bottle. Type the code in here to find more details about your bottle of Volans Tequila.

enter your lot #👇

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What are tequila lot numbers and why do they matter?

Lot numbers are important because they allow for traceability of each individual batch of tequila. The lot number is a unique identifier that is assigned to a specific batch of tequila during the production process, and it can be used to track tequila from the distillery to the bottle.

The lot numbers can also be useful for anyone who wants to learn more and compare each batch of tequila. By referencing the lot number, you can learn more about the production process and the specific characteristics of that batch of tequila.

Breakdown of the code: LV0004XA40

LV = Lote Volans.

000 = Filler code for future lots.

4 = 4th batch of this expression

XA = Extra Añejo

40 = 40%abv