Volans Tequila was featured in the New York Times – Wirecutter Segment “The Best Blanco Tequilas

The tequila industry is undergoing an extraordinary surge in popularity, poised to become the leading spirits category in the United States. With many brands hitting the shelves and celebrities diving into the trend, tequila is capturing unprecedented attention. In a recent taste test by The New York Times, Wirecutter Segment tasted 58 blanco tequilas; the quest was on to uncover the finest options for sipping and mixing. Out of the exceptional finalists, one tequila shone brightly—Volans Tequila Blanco, crafted by Felipe Camarena at El Pandillo distillery.

Unveiling Vibrant Aromas and Varied Flavors:

The selected tequilas in the taste test showcased a range of vibrant aromas, varied flavors, and satisfying textures, each with distinct qualities. However, Volans Tequila Blanco stood out as a lively and refreshing spirit, offering an experience that was truly extraordinary.

“Overall, [Volans Tequila] is the most vigorous of El Pandillo’s current releases—a piquant tequila with tarragon-like freshness and a raw woodiness underlying the aroma, plus a medium-bodied texture.”  NEW YORK TIMES – WIRECUTTER

Versatility in Mixing:

The Tommy’s Margarita: Volans Tequila Blanco’s versatility shone through when mixed in a classic Tommy’s margarita. This iconic cocktail, which substitutes agave nectar for the usual orange liqueur, provided a clearer picture of the tequila’s authentic character.

“Volans shines through with a beautiful green flavor and a balance that suggests it would not be out of place at a great neighborhood cocktail bar.”  NEW YORK TIMES – WIRECUTTER

A Noteworthy Choice for Sipping and Mixing:

Volans Tequila Blanco, as featured in the renowned New York Times Wirecutter taste test, has solidified its position as a tequila worth celebrating. With its remarkable flavor profile, harmonious balance, and medium-bodied texture, it entices both tequila enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados alike. Whether savored neat or mixed into a delightful concoction, Volans Tequila Blanco promises an unforgettable drinking experience that will leave a lasting impression.

As the tequila industry reaches unprecedented heights, Volans Tequila Blanco has emerged as a standout choice among the finest tequilas in a recent New York Times Wirecutter taste test. Crafted by Felipe Camarena at El Pandillo, this spirited tequila captivates with its tarragon-like freshness, medium-bodied texture, and remarkable versatility in mixing. With accolades from discerning critics and the endorsement of the esteemed Wirecutter segment, Volans Tequila Blanco is undoubtedly a noteworthy selection for both sipping and crafting exceptional cocktails. Embark on a tequila adventure with Volans and elevate your drinking experience to new heights.

Volans Tequila is available in many places around the US – Find Volans at a Retailer, Restaurant, or Bar near you.