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Volans Tequila – NOM 1579

Volans Tequila is born in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, at El Pandillo Distillery – NOM 1579. Our Master Distiller, Felipe Camarena is a legend in the tequila business; his family has been growing agave since the 1880s & distilling for four generations.

We are a family-owned craft tequila brand based in both Guadalajara, Mexico, and in the Yellowstone-Teton Region of Idaho. Volans Tequila is made with pride using historical and traditional tequila-making methods, while also embracing sustainability and innovation. We are also verified additive free!

El Pandillo not only makes the best tequila in the world but is one of the most sustainable distilleries. Innovations include mosto warming tanks, eco-farming practices, rooftop rain collection, vinaza treatment, solid agave waste recycling, and not a drop of water is wasted at the distillery.


Distributor Info

Volans Tequila is distributed throughout the United States, Australia, Canada (coming soon), and Mexico (coming soon).

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Ultra Premium Tequila Blanco


Volans Blanco is a classic. It’s an easy-to-drink agave-forward spirit with light hints of vanilla and citrus. Our blanco tequila has also been oxygenated, which helps remove some unwanted chemicals and compounds, accentuating the sweetness of the natural agave. Made with rain, spring and deep well water, it has just the right balance of minerality. Plus, there’s a bit of a black pepper finish for an added kick.

Ultra Premium Tequila Reposado


Our Reposado is ‘rested’ in used American white oak bourbon barrels for just over 6 months. This imparts complexity, aromas, & flavors.

AROMAS: Fruity & earthy aromas along with oak, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, & minerals.

FLAVORS: A rich and buttery mouthfeel with flavors of agave, minerals, subtle oak, caramel, and a sweet & peppered finish.

Ultra Premium Tequila


Our Single Barrel Reposado is a yearly release. The latest Fall 2021 release had 10 barrels in total. We start with Volans Blanco (without the oxygenation) and age it in used bourbon barrels made of American White Oak for just around 4 months. Each barrel will impart its own unique flavors and aromas. This collectable expression is made to be enjoyed among friends.

Ultra Premium Tequila Extra Añejo


Our Extra Añejo is a limited yearly released tequila aged for three and a half years in used American white oak bourbon casks in an underground cellar . Made with rain, spring and deep well water.

Notes of cooked agave, oak, butterscotch, citrus, pepper, caramel, spices, vanilla, dried fruit, with just the right amount of minerality.

Downloads: Bottle pics, Sell Sheets, Logos.


Volans Tequila is made at El Pandillo Distillery – NOM 1579 by Master Distiller Felipe Camarena.  Volans only has three ingredients; water, agave, and natural yeast.

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Verified 100% Additive Free

In 2020, Tequila Matchmaker / Taste Tequila launched their ‘Verified Additive Free’ Program for brands and distilleries to be super transparent about their processes and non-use of additives in tequila. This certification needs to be renewed each year and ensures there are no sweeteners, flavors, colors, aromas, glycerin, or anything else.

Volans Tequila is made with 3 ingredients – Water (from 3 sources), Blue Weber Agave, and Natural Yeast. That’s it.

Read More about this program.



Volans Spirits, LLC. is based in Idaho, at 1662 Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, Warm River, Idaho 83420

Mailing address: P.O. Box 184, Eagle, Idaho 83616

Our tequila is distilled and bottled in Mexico, at Destileria El Pandillo, S.A. de C.V., Jesús María, Jalisco, Mexico

If you’re interested in carrying Volans in any of your of your fine retail location, check our distributors, send us an email or DM us on Facebook.

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