When making a tequila mixer, the last thing you want to do is dilute or mask the tequila’s unique and flavorsome taste. That’s why it’s important to mix your sipping tequila mindfully. Read on to discover top tips on the best ingredients to add to your top shelf sipping tequila.

The Rise of Tequila

Super premium tequila has seen tremendous growth, with a sales increase of 706% between 2002 and 2017. No longer confined only to margaritas, tequila has become an artisanal choice for cocktails, served neat, or on the rocks. Handcrafted in The Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Volans Ultra Premium Tequila is made with only the finest all-natural ingredients. The Blanco is a lighter, crisper choice, and the Añejo offers a deeper, richer flavor. Volans is the most awarded Extra Añejo Tequila of 2019, and therefore deserves to be paired with only the best sipping tequila mixers.

The Best Sipping Tequila Mixers

Using the sweetest and most mature Blue Weber Agave blended with rain, spring and deep well water, Volans Tequila is deliciously free from additives and artificial colorings. As an Ultra Premium Tequila, it is the ultimate choice for sipping with a mixer. The best sipping tequila mixers will enhance the naturally smooth, sweet taste without detracting from it.

Here are five of the best sipping tequila mixers to take your Volans Tequila experience to another level:

  1. Grapefruit:

The Paloma is an underrated tequila cocktail, and this sipping version will not disappoint. Add Volans Blanco Tequila, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a dash of fresh lime to a shaker. Strain over ice, and delight in the refreshing fruit combined with the light, sweet tequila.

  1. Sangrita:

Meaning ‘little blood’ in Spanish, Sangrita gets its name from its bright red color. Made of equal parts fresh orange juice and tomato juice, it is then combined with lime juice, grenadine and a hot chilli sauce. Unlike many mixers, the Sangrita and tequila are not mixed in the same glass; instead sip from each glass in turn. The heat of the Sangrita perfectly complements the Mexican origins of Volans Añejo Tequila, making this one of the best sipping tequila mixers.

  1. Lime:

This is a twist on the classic Margarita for the sipping tequila connoisseur. Run the lime around the rim of the sipping glass, before dipping the rim into salt. Volans Blanco Tequila remains the key ingredient, but add a squeeze of lime and a small splash of agave syrup before shaking. Strain the drink over the ice, and garnish with lime if desired.

  1. Coffee Liqueur:

One of the best sipping tequila mixers to enjoy after dinner is coffee liqueur. A twist on the Black Russian, the agave of the tequila brings a new sweetness to this drink making it an ideal sipping dessert. Build your drink starting with ice, then add Volans Añejo Tequila before the coffee liqueur. Stir gently and enjoy throughout the rest of the evening.

  1. Agave:

The simplest mixer yet, agave syrup perfectly complements Volans Añejo Tequila over ice. Sip slowly to taste the rich, earthy tequila.

The art of making great tequila is in the detail, and the same is true of choosing the best sipping tequila mixers. These five mixers are excellent choices for enjoying Volans Tequila at any occasion. Visit our website to browse the range of tequilas we offer.