Retail Stores in Scottsdale, Arizona. In December of 2020, Trevor’s doors were first opened. We realized we had to give everyone who enters our doors a joyful and memorable experience because we are the first liquor store with a beer and wine bar in the Phoenix area. You will find a Beer Cave, a sizable walk-in humidor, a beer and wine bar, a sampling area, and an amazing assortment of the finest beer, wine, spirits, and cigars all under one roof when you enter our 15,000 square-foot store. Two large patios outside have a designated cigar lounge and a game area. Enjoy free samples of beer, wine, spirits, and cigars at our tasting events. Dogs are welcome both inside and outside of our establishment. Everyday from 4 to 7 p.m., we offer happy hour, and food trucks and more.

Trevor’s Liquor Store
7340 E Mcdowell Rd
Scottsdale AZ 85257