Restaurants – Bars in CHICAGO, Illinois. The Hideout is a typical male bar for outcasts who either don’t fit in or don’t want to. The Hideout has been the name since it first opened (legally) in 1934; we didn’t choose it. The Hard Working Man and the Hard Working Hustler met for beer and eggs at The Hideout. The location where the “26 girls” tossed the dice for dances and 10 cent drinks. A 19th-century shanty was shoved aside by nickel-and-dime Prohibition Era Sicilian button men as ditch-digging Irishmen with muddy boots and hats, always hats, gave birth to it. Polish steelworkers from the Cold War paved the way for 21st-century alternative, indie, free jazz, country, punk, and post-rock.

The Hideout
1354 W Wabansia Ave