Restaurants – Bars in Hingham, Massachusetts. The tale of four friends who lived in the Bay Area in the 1960s served as the inspiration for Locales. They drove down to Baja California after packing their surfboards into their car. They discovered a bustling taqueria where the desert and the ocean meet; there, they enjoyed the finest tacos, an incredible night, and bright lights from a large tequila bar. The postcard they carried back that read, “Greetings from Localés, Old Mexico,” was the only tangible evidence of their extraordinary journey. The proprietor, Brian McLaughlin, set out to reproduce that concept. Brian works to recreate the atmosphere of that night in the 1960s, driven by both this vision and the Mexican culture that he encountered during his time working as a restauranteur in San Francisco. Solo Locales are now in New England.

Locales Tacos y Tequila
6 Crow Point Lane
Hingham MA 2043