Restaurants – Bars in Nampa, Idaho. Our goal is to promote a sense of community through researching and teaching about early American cocktail culture. This finally translates to us not caring what you drink as long as you feel at home. The goal of our team is to create a community that revolves around the glass through active hospitality, ongoing learning, and a consistent and innovative drink experience. In order to give you the most reliable and premium drinks in the state, we not only strive to learn more about what we put in your glass and the finest methods of doing it, but we also LOVE to host. We have put a lot of effort into developing a team that not only values our clients but also the craft of craft cocktails. When you enter the pub, it won’t be unusual to see one of our staff members sitting and conversing with almost everyone there. We struggle to recall people’s names, faces, and beverages.

Craft Lounge
320 11Th Ave S. Ste 100
Nampa ID 83651