Restaurants – Bars in Phoenix, Arizona. BARCOA respects the culture of Mexico. It’s a space built by hand, with intention behind every detail. Our goal is to give you a place to explore and experience the worlds of tequila, mezcal, and other Mexican heritage spirits while paying tribute to the passionate producers of agave spirits. Behind XICO, a Latinx and Indigenous art gallery and functioning artist workshop, BARCOA is concealed in plain sight. We are a mezcal bar in a back alley! Here you’ll find our two-level mezcal paradise, a cozy patio, and the occasional taco truck. The bar in the basement is sultry, cool, and gloomy. Whether you prefer ice-cold margarita pitchers or a more sophisticated, educated tequila tasting, BARCOA is truly an inclusive venue where everyone are invited to respect the life and love behind agave drinks. (Literally—we keep the AC cranked down there!) We hope to hear soon!

821 N 1St Ave
Phoenix AZ 85003