Restaurants – Bars in Boise, Idaho. Barbecue is more than just a restaurant; it is a multifaceted idea. It is a museum, an art gallery, and a guarantee to all of your senses that they will all be touched and stimulated, designed by Robert and Martine Castoro in collaboration with Thompson Interiors (2005 National Award Winner for Hotel and Restaurant Design). A premium dining establishment with an international flair, Barbacoa. We offer a distinctive fusion dining experience by fusing the flavors of Mexico, Spain, and the Caribbean. Our prime rib porterhouse for two is a client favorite for a romantic dinner. To add a little flair, we serve it on a hot rock. It makes sense that we are a popular steakhouse in Boise and that seafood lovers also like us. You can taste the ocean in Kumamoto oysters, fresh fish, calamari, crab cakes, octopus, clams, and a variety of shrimp dishes. The seafood around Boise is some of the freshest around.

Barbacoa Restaurant
276 Bobwhite Circle
Boise ID 83706