As the saying goes: Everything in moderation. There are plenty of reasons not to overdo it when it comes to alcohol. But what about all of the other ingredients that are added into tequila? What nutritional information do you need to be aware of before buying a bottle?

Sugary cocktails, beer, and even wine can spell disaster if you’re watching your waistline. But there’s good news: distilled drinks like tequila are a way to enjoy a drink while avoiding unwanted, sugar-packed ingredients. The nutrients in tequila are favorable whether you’re dieting, or simply want to make smarter choices when it comes to consuming alcohol.

100% Agave

High-quality tequila like Volans Extra Anejo is made with 100% Blue Weber Agave. This ingredient is a superstar in every way. The natural sweetener makes neat drinks far more palatable; no sugary mixers required.

True tequila comes in at about 70 calories a shot, making it one of the lowest-calorie alcohols you’ll find on the shelves. You can certainly create some delectable mixed drinks with it, but over ice is equally enjoyable.

Nutrients in tequila include a low carb-count as well. One shot is roughly one gram of carbohydrates. For comparison, craft beers can cost you 30 carbs or more per pint. If you’re on a carb-conscious diet, tequila is the way to go.


Some want to avoid gluten for dietary reasons. For others, keeping gluten off the table and out of your shot glass is a health necessity.

Dealing with a gluten sensitivity or Celiac’s disease can make parties, nights out, and casual drinking a problem. But tequila – that is, the genuine article – is technically made from the agave fruit. No grains were involved with the making of this drink.

Agave is reportedly easier on the stomach than many other common alcohol ingredients. Wheat, hops, and rice aren’t part of the equation, so gluten-sensitive individuals can enjoy tequila without digestive repercussions.

Voted Least Likely to Cause a Hangover

Disclaimer: any alcohol in large amounts is going to haunt you the next morning. But sometimes you’ll wake up feeling not so great even if you didn’t overindulge. Why is that?

You can thank a little thing called congeners, which are bioactive chemicals in all alcoholic drinks. The higher the congener content, the worse your hangover will be. Does tequila have them? It does – but in much smaller amounts than liquors like whiskey, brandy, or rum.

Clear tequilas such as Volans Blanco contain the least amount of congeners. Stick to tequila, and you’ll reduce the chances of waking up with a pounding head and upset stomach. And this is where the natural sweetness and smoothness of pure agave tequila comes to the rescue again. Carbonated drinks and sugar-bomb mixers increase the risk of a nasty hangover. Choosing a first-rate tequila gives you the option of skipping hangover-inducing mixers.

Cheers to Your Health

Top-rated tequila is one of the best alcoholic drinks you can enjoy – especially if you’re tracking your diet closely. The chemical makeup and nutrients in tequila also make it a good choice if you’re concerned about your digestive tract or waking up with a headache. Find a 100% blue agave tequila next time you celebrate – or just want to enjoy a quiet night at home.