Volans Single Barrel Reposado


Lot 2, Reposado, Barrel 9. This was our second release of single-barrel tequila aged in used Dickel Barrels. It was bottled in September of 2021 and aged four months. It’s made with three sources of water; rain, spring, and deep well (+450ft deep).

Barrel #9 Tasting Notes

courtesy of Remy Newland

Nose: Nose tingling spice. Sweet apple with a whisper of tartness, oranges and lime peel. An undulating background butterscotch note harmonizing with the agave. Cinnamon, cloves, mint and moss. Herbal spikes of thyme, basil, marjoram and mild white pepper. Lots of citrus aromatics in play here.

Flavor: Spicy and playful. Citrus, butterscotch, flinty minerals and punchy pepper lead the introductory impression. Lots of fruit and agave. Nice viscosity on the palate, some brininess. This Single Barrel tastes like it has barely been kissed by oak. Yet there is enough barrel influence to contribute a warm spice and vanilla framework.

Finish: A mouth watering, round, balanced, warming farewell.

Production Details

Agave: Estate grown Blue Weber Agave – Tequilana Weber
Region: Los Altos – Jesús Maria, Jalisco.
Cooking: Low-Pressure, Low Temperature – Stone & Brick Ovens
Extraction: Mechanical Linear Tahona. Nicknamed “Frankenstein”
Water Source: Deep Well Water (+450 feet deep), Natural Spring Water, Rain Water
Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks with 100% agave, Fermented without fibers
Distillation: Distilled two times – Heads are not cut
Still: Traditional Copper Pot
Aging: 4 months – Used Bourbon Barrels
Proof/ABV: 80 Proof, 40%abv
Verified Additive Free, NOM 1579 – El Pandillo