Volans Single Barrel Reposado


Lot 2, Reposado, Barrel 7. This was our second release of single-barrel tequila aged in used Dickel Barrels. It was bottled in September of 2021 and aged four months. It’s made with three sources of water; rain, spring, and deep well (+450ft deep).

Barrel #7 Tasting Notes

courtesy of Remy Newland

Nose: Earthy pine and fir aromas – like walking through a Christmas tree lot. Grilled ripe pineapple and candied orange zest. Spiced dulce de leche. Sage and thyme, with contrasting sweet allspice. A tease of white pepper. The nose blossoms, given a little time.

Flavor: Fruit, spice, citrus and brine. Caramel, vanilla bean and almond custard. A pop of pepper heat that lingers – at the same time silky and creamy on the palate. The fruit and agave sing out.

This finishes with a serenade of barrel spices, a rich mouth feel and center stage agave.

Production Details

Agave: Estate grown Blue Weber Agave – Tequilana Weber
Region: Los Altos – Jesús Maria, Jalisco.
Cooking: Low-Pressure, Low Temperature – Stone & Brick Ovens
Extraction: Mechanical Linear Tahona. Nicknamed “Frankenstein”
Water Source: Deep Well Water (+450 feet deep), Natural Spring Water, Rain Water
Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks with 100% agave, Fermented without fibers
Distillation: Distilled two times – Heads are not cut
Still: Traditional Copper Pot
Aging: 4 months – Used Bourbon Barrels
Proof/ABV: 80 Proof, 40%abv
Verified Additive Free, NOM 1579 – El Pandillo