A Story 6 Years In The Making

Master crafted in the Jalisco highlands from estate ripened Blue Weber agaves and aged with the time honored traditions of renowned El Pandillo distiller Felipe Camarena, our 6-year Extra Añejo Tequila Limited Edition is the newest star in the Volans collection.

Mature Agaves and Red Soil.

Twenty-two tons of Blue Weber agaves, matured in the iron and nutrient rich red soils of Los Altos at an altitude of 6,880 feet, were harvested by the jimadors of the Jesús Maria estate. With an average age of 6 years, each agave was hand selected for maturity and sugar levels rather than age, a characteristic of agaves cultivated in the cooler climate of this distinctive Jalisco highlands terroir.

Cooking and Tahona Extraction.

The harvested agaves were cooked low and slow in stone and brick lined ovens for twenty-two hours, until ready to release their sweet cooked agave juices under the controlled pressure of Felipe’s unique linear Tahona and agave shredder. Tahonas are large wheels traditionally made of stone, often volcanic, that operate in a circular motion to crush the cooked agaves and release their juices. El Pandillo deploys the only mechanical Tahona that operates in a back and forth motion which, in conjunction with their unique shredder, ensures the agave fibers retain their structure as they release their sweet juices.

Fermentation and first distillation of a unique Ordinario.

The Camarena family’s closely held yeast formulation along with ambient yeasts, fermented the fragrant agave juices, or mosto, in open air vats over four days in preparation for the first distillation in copper Alambiques which produced a unique Ordinario with aromatic and flavor rich “Heads” from the first part of the distillation.

Heads or Tails.

While most Tequila distillers need to remove the less desirable superior alcohols found in the “Heads,” Felipe’s controlled extraction process minimizes the presence of superior alcohols allowing for an Ordinario enhanced with naturally complex floral, herbaceous, spice and fruit flavors found in the Heads and retained throughout distillation. The entire last part of the distillation, known as Tails, was cut to remove the unwanted elements that are produced in the Tequila distillation process.

Second distillation and a promising Blanco.

The second distillation in a copper Alambique further enhanced flavors, aromas and alcohol levels, producing a crystal clear Blanco Tequila at 55% ABV with a promising flavor profile of florals, citrus, cooked agave, and minerals, destined for barrel maturation.


NOM: 1579
MASTER DISTILLER: Felipe J. Camarena
BARREL FILL DATE: January 2016
AGAVE: Fully Mature, Estate Grown
REGION: Southern Los Altos, Jalisco, Mexico
COOKING: Stone/Brick Ovens
EXTRACTION: Mechanical Tahona
WATER SOURCE: Spring, Rain, & Deep Well (+450ft)
FERMENTATION: Stainless steel tanks, Open-air fermentation, Fermentation without fibers
DISTILLATION: Double Distilled
STILL: Copper Pot
AGING: Six Years in Used Bourbon Barrels made of American White Oak
ABV/PROOF: 43% ABV (86-proof)
PRODUCTION: 2000 Bottles

Barrel Maturation and the Art of Aging.

On a cool morning in early January 2016, 10 American White Oak barrels, formerly Bourbon barrels lightly charred, were filled at 48% ABV (96 proof), and stored in the distillery’s barrel cellar. To maestro Felipe, the secret of aging is not time in a barrel but rather the art of balancing how a Tequila develops a life of its own in the barrel and the aging environments.

The Maestro’s decision.

Extra Añejo Tequilas are required to be aged at least 3 years. Originally Felipe had earmarked 5 years as the Tequila’s aging potential. Barrel tastings began in early 2019 and in a 2021 tasting, Felipe was captivated by the Tequila’s maturation showcasing a layered and complex body alongside a light caramel hue. “I am not sure when, but this Tequila will become an aged masterpiece,” recalls Felipe who decided to extend the aging process, a consequential decision as each year of aging means less Tequila, due to evaporation of the “angel’s share.”

A Masterpiece is born.

In the early Spring tasting of 2022, after six years in barrels, our masterpiece was born with a complex body and lavish layers of floral, dried fruit, citrus, baking spices, chocolate and salty caramel flavors balanced with mineral and cask notes. A first sip awakens the palate with citrus notes, a second sip warms the soul with rounded heat and luscious flavors, and a third sip settles the mind with a long lasting elegant finish steeped in terroir.

A new star for Volans.

The newest star in the Volans collection, the 6-year Extra Añejo Volans Tequila was bottled at 43% ABV, and is presented in a 700 ml Limited Edition bottle and gift box designed and produced in Jalisco. This 2,000 bottle Limited Edition will be released beginning early November in time for the holidays.

We invite you to enjoy our Limited Edition 6-year Extra Añejo Tequila, and to experience an exquisite spirit born in partnership of the earth and the genius of Felipe Camarena.

If you are interested in purchasing a bottle, send us a quick message. 🥂Salud!

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