Additive Free, Small Batch, & Delicious.

Sit back. Relax. Sip it slowly. This is a very special tequila made to be savored.

We only use the most mature and sweetest Blue Weber Agave, matched with a blend of spring, rain and deep well water (+450 feet). Our Agaves are then cooked in a traditional stone oven for 22 hours and crushed by an innovative handmade tahona named “Frankenstein.” We use copper pot stills for both distillations. Our Volans ultra premium Blanco tequila is unaged, our Volans ultra premium single barrel reposado is aged for under a year, and our extra añejo is aged for three and a half years in used American oak bourbon casks. Read more about how our ultra premium tequila is made.

Plus, our tequila is verified 100% additive free by Tequila Matchmaker – with no added flavors, colors, aromas or chemicals. We are a small family business, bringing the best tasting craft sipping tequila to spirit lovers like yourself who enjoy a more refined taste.


Volans Blanco tequila unaged and made from fully mature Blue Weber Agave & a mix of three sources of water – Rain, +450ft deep well, and spring water. It has been oxygenated or aerated. It is a truly enjoyable Blanco tequila to sip slowly.

AROMAS: Sweet Cooked Agave, minerals, floral notes, citrus, black pepper, apple, and pear.

FLAVORS: Cooked agave, black pepper, citrus, smokiness, and floral notes. The aeration helps create a very lovely rounded mouthfeel.


Volans Reposado Tequila is ‘rested’ in used American white oak bourbon barrels for under one year. This imparts complexity, aromas, & flavors. It is lighter in color and has a kiss of barrel notes. This allows the agave to shine through.

AROMAS: Fruity & earthy aromas along with oak, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, & minerals.

FLAVORS: A rich and buttery mouthfeel with flavors of agave, minerals, subtle oak, caramel, and a sweet & peppered finish.

Extra Añejo

Volans Extra Añejo is a limited edition tequila aged for over 3 1/2 years in used American White Oak Barrels. The color is lighter than normal extra añejos due to the age of our barrels (20+ years). Although light in color, it shows every bit of character you want in an extra añejo, including agave.

AROMAS: Cooked agave, vanilla, oak, pitted fruits, citrus,

FLAVORS: Cooked agave, vanilla, fruit, butterscotch, pepper. A nice viscous mouthfeel with an excellent lingering finish.

Best Volans Ultra Premium Tequila

NOM 1579: El Pandillo Distillery

Where a tequila is distilled has a huge impact on the quality and flavor.

There are many factors that can influence the taste, including the quality of ingredients, the geographic location, the type of equipment used, the time of year it is produced and much more. The best distilleries take all factors into consideration and strive to create the best environment for tequila production.

We wanted to ensure our tequila was produced in the best possible environment – in order to maximize flavor and quality.

That’s why Volans is made at El Pandillo Distillery. One of the most sustainable, iconic, and innovative distilleries in Mexico.

El Pandillo is run by Felipe Camarena, whose great-great grandfather was among the first to start farming blue agave in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico in the 1800s. He is the third generation and his sons are the fourth generation of distilling some of the best and authentic craft tequila in Mexico.

Felipe is on a quest to protect the traditional process of making tequila that he has practiced and studied his entire life. He has also built upon these traditional practices by adding his own unique twists – such as specially modified copper stills, stone ovens, “Frankenstein” the tahona, “igor” the agave shredder, and he uses harvested rainwater.

Want to learn more about El Pandillo Tequila Distillery? Read this great article by Bone Garden Cantina: “El Pandillo Tequila Distillery is Pure Genius.”

Unbelievable tequila. Exquisite. Nose has pear, sweet agave, hint of cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla, and some oak Forward is so smooth. It enters and smoothly slides in. No harsh bite. It just materializes. Taste in the mouth just explodes: sweet agave, pear, nectarine, hint of vanilla. The finish is incredibly smooth. It’s there… and then it’s gone. No too much burn, but enough to remind you that it’s tequila. This is one of the best pure tequilas I’ve ever tasted. I can taste the quality, traditional process, and care that goes in to making this spirit. My new favorite Repo

Andy Van Gilder, Volans Single Barrel Reposado | 92 points

Aroma : Light fruits, cinnamon, butter and baking spices alongside agave and earth and mineral notes. Taste : Black pepper, earth, and mixed nuts are contrasted with sweet cooked agave, caramel and dried fruits. The oily texture has a great balance that’s just the right amount of sweet but earthy and spicy. Finish : Long, warm, and inviting, perfect for the fall season.

Erica Boorom, Volans Single Barrel Reposado | 90 points

This is now one of my favorite blancos. As soon as you open it and pour it to the glass the smell is amazing. No alcohol that burns you like others, the agave flavor that I love and no only that to top it off great price. A master piece.

Gerson Batista, Volans Blanco | 93 points

This epic XA with a light caramel color holds a complex body and lavish layers of floral, dried fruit, citrus, baking spices, chocolate and salty caramel flavors balanced with mineral and cask notes. Our first sip awoke our palate with juicy citrus flavors, the second sip revealed layers of complex notes, and our third sip left us with a long lasting elegant finish steeped in El Pandillo terroir. Felipe is the ultimate maestro, and this 6yr XA is one of his greatest works of art. Very highly recommended.

Gregory Agave Spectator, Volans 6 year Extra Añejo | 96 points

Superb Blanco. Volans is coming strong right out the gate! Had this a while back when it was 1st released, and still not widely available yet, but worth the search or simply go online to get it. Tons of warm cooked agave, vegetal, floral, mint, apple, white pepper, citrus zest, bubble yum, chunky and a great linger… lot 2 is definitely one to hoard!

Frankie Medina, Volans Blanco | 90 points

Nose: opened the bottle and instantly caramel hit my nose, oak, brine Taste: slight sweetness (caramel), little bit of heat that dissipates quick, pepper, salty/buttery (which I’ve never tasted before in a tequila) Finish: white pepper tingle, then a rush of salty sweet butter.

Jonathan Kelley, Volans Reposado | 92 points

Amazing sweet cooked agave, so full of natural sugar, minerals, floral notes, anise and butter. Some smoke appears on taste, along with the butter, minerals and anise and a pinch of citrus….. just absolutely amazing.

Lou Agave (Long Island Lou Tequila), Volans Blanco | 93 points

1579 has never disappointed and the Volans is one of the best examples of a great tasting tequila. Thank you Felipe!

Senior Rick Mendell, Volans 3 year Extra Añejo | 91 points

OMG To days this is my favorite tequila (12/25/22) The aroma is strong agave, oak and sweet. When it hits your tongue there is a sweet taste immediately followed by a plethora of agave, oak, and I don’t know exactly what else. A good spice but not harsh The finish is as good as the start. For 60 – it’s a steal!!!

Steve Gallo, Volans Reposado | 100 points

I love Blanco Tequila and Felipe Camarena! The nose is wonderful. I detect a lot of agave, minerals, brine, citrus, lemon grass and some light floral notes. The flavor is excellent. The fresh agave and citrus notes are followed by a nice mix of pepper and brine. The finish is all agave and it goes down easy. It has a nice round feel mostly likely from the oxygenation. Overall this is a perfect sipping blanco for my pallet. If you enjoy sipping blancos then you should add this to your collection. Great job Volans and El Pandillo! ¡Salud!

Bryce Taylor (Austin Tequila Connoisseur), Volans Blanco | 93 points

Volans blanco me sorprendió por su complejidad con la que se presenta en aromas y primera impresión en boca Es un tequila blanco verdaderamente disfrutable para tomarse despacio

Miguel Ángel Avila, Volans Blanco | 95 points

Barrel 3- Nice spice, fruit, wet cement/wet earth, fresh and sugary sweet, but so clean and more, with tons of deliciousness

Lou Agave (Long Island Lou Tequila), Volans Single Barrel Reposado | 93 points

This is something special. Very unique, delicious flavors of cooked agave and light barrel notes. Beautiful finish. New favorite Reposado

Greg Bartolotta @aged_agave, Volans Single Barrel Reposado | 91 points

absolutely unreal. easy to drink, even at higher proof. amazing spice character with cooked agave still shining through. this is now my gold standard.

John Spinale, Volans 6 year Extra Añejo | 95 points

Wonderful! Agave, fruit, vanilla aroma. Such a pleasant finish. Great balance

Alex Bain, Volans 3 year Extra Añejo | 92 points

Agave bursting in the nose and palate

Austin Lee, Volans Blanco | 94 points

This is for Barrel 3, Bottle 604 Nose: Cooked agave. I get a compound butter of orange and honey, a gentle sweetness, hints of clove and nutmeg. Wet cement following a rainstorm. Flavor: I get earthiness and caramel, sweet cooked agave, and light spice of peppercorn, cinnamon and allspice. A light vanilla custard. Finish: Not very long, it starts spicy and ends with a slight sweetness of dried fruit. Notes: This is an outstanding tequila. I believe this tequila can be very food friendly. For example, a grilled pork tenderloin with a sweet chili rub.

Don Heiser, Volans Single Barrel Reposado | 90 points

Once in a while something special comes along. This definitely qualifies as special. Of course this being a Camarena juice, it hardly needs an intro. Either way this single barrel is a must have, must hunt gem. Limited run SB is unbelievably complex for a light repo. Agave driven, dried pineapple, dried apricot, berries, strawberries, cinnamon, minerals, so earthy!

Frankie Medina, Volans Single Barrel Reposado | 91 points

Love the barrel notes here- pitted fruit, a hint of raisin, mellow cinnamon and vanilla. Not overly done for an XA. Flavor is tasty sweet agave with a slight mineral finish, characteristic of El Pandillo. A great new edition for tequila lovers.

Scarlet Sanschagrin, Volans 3 year Extra Añejo | 92 points

Aroma : Cooked agave shines through with classic barrel notes of caramel, vanilla, oak, and some dried fruits. Taste : Notable agave presence alongside vanilla, butterscotch, oak, and more dried fruits. The minerals here are ever so light, but still noticeable after all that time in a barrel. The texture is nice and oily. Finish : Long lasting with a nuttier quality than the initial taste would let on. This one is interesting because the color in the glass is absolutely NOT indicative of an extra añejo. But then you take a sip and are welcomed with complex depth of barrel notes from an XA, AND agave you might see in a reposado. Another fantastic XA from El Pandillo.

Erica Boorom, Volans 3 year Extra Añejo | 91 points

Thick, creamy, chewy, natural and delicious are the 5 things that come to mind on sipping this Felipe Camarena creation for the first time. Some sweetness develops on following sips along with some pleasing mineral notes. This uses all 3 available water sources in its production and it shows in the taste and finish as elements bloom, cover up others and then reveal those again as the finish develops and fades. Nice pepper and spice on the tongue lead to a long satisfying finish.

Seattle Juan, Volans Blanco | 92 points

Aromas of anise, minerals, orange rind and sweet cooked agave. A nice, rounded mouthfeel (due in part to oxygenation). Sweet agave flavor with a black pepper finish for a little kick. Like all of Felipe Camarena’s blancos, it is well made and highlights the prime materials (agave, and spring, well and rain water —1/3 of each.) A solid sipper.

Scarlet Sanschagrin, Volans Blanco | 90 points

Nose: Cider, light colored tree fruit, nutmeg and a touch of vanilla. Light barrel treatment, yet pleasant barrel spices present: cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. Caramel green apple with a hint of toffee. An earthy note and a light kiss of citrus. Flavor: Crisp fruit notes. Caramelized agave richness melded with filbert nuttiness. Warm spices and white pepper. An almond undercurrent. Buttery, slightly salty flavor and texture. Clean lines. Nice balance. Finish: An almond paste, agave brûlée peppered finale.

Remy Newland, Volans Reposado | 90 points

What a treat to taste this brand new 6 year XA from Volans. It’s pricey but they started this project over 6 years ago when the brand first formed. If your budget allows for it, this should be in your collection. It takes the original XA to new layers of depth with a little higher ABV. Congrats Volans. Another masterpiece from El Pandillo and Volans.

Doug Price (Agave Social Club), Volans 6 year Extra Añejo | 93 points

One of the best blanco tequilas I’ve enjoyed in a long while! Clean, crisp vegetal (raw agave) on the nose. Nice, earth mid and bright finish with just a touch of warmth. Super easy to enjoy. Be sure to have a back up bottle!

Senior Rick Mendel, Volans Blanco | 90 points

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Learn more about how we combine the finest ingredients in a very special way to create our one-of-a-kind product. 

It involves ripe Blue Weber Agave, a masonry stone oven, rainwater and a 19,000 lb mechanical tahona called Frankenstein. 

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